Child-Friendly Bachelor Pad? A Peep Into Hrithik Roshan’s Gorgeous Home

Located in Juhu, Hrithik Roshan’s 3000 sq. ft. home is the perfect escape from the busy city and a hectic work schedule. Decorated in shades of blue and white, his sea-facing home is stunning yet cozy. Since he is a doting father and spends a lot of time with his two sons, he’s also made the home a great place for them to unwind and let loose.

The palette of the house is inspired by the sea and the idea of holidays. From getting a carpet that was the perfect shade of blue (Santorini, Greece) to having delicate corals as show pieces, he put a lot of thought into every aspect of the space. Here are five things we love about Hrithik’s home:

A wall/movie screen

Probably the room where he and the kids spend most of their time is the den. Get this – it has a vending machine! Hrithik says the goodies inside it are for when his children do something to deserve a treat. The room has a gorgeous white wall that doubles up as a screen on which he projects movies. There are mattress cushions all over so the room can become a mini theatre when there are more people to entertain. The ceiling has a monkey bar running through for when he feels like just ‘hanging’ out.

Quotes, quotes everywhere

While getting the house done, Hrithik said it was like he was discovering himself. He wanted the house to reflect everything that was going on within him. Maybe that’s why the entire space is filled with quotes. They are on the wall, the ceiling and even on stones and pebbles.

Home office

Hrithik’s home office has a gorgeous balcony that faces the ocean. The room itself is very classy and covered with art pieces and yeah you guessed it – more quotes. He loves working from home – well with a home like this, who wouldn’t.

Personalized art

Even though Hrithik loves collecting quirky art pieces and souvenirs from all over the world, he’s made sure his home had art that was more personal. Like the masks on tip of the piano that were painted by him and his boys while on vacation. His living room also has a huge photograph grid with priceless family moments.

Let’s make a mess

Though he believes in practicality and compartmentalizing, Hrithik says he loves it when people mess the place up. In his words “A home tied up in rules is not really a home.” He wants people to relax and feel comfortable enough to be themselves.

What did you love most about Hrithik’s house? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Hritik Roshan Home

Image Credits: Scoopwhoop, GQindia

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